kids party tips

Many people ask what they need to do to accomodate the magic show.

I advise booking the magic show 30min after people should arrive, so no latecomers miss out.

If facepainting is booked, its ok for me to arrive at your advertised time as its best to start with facepainting then move on to the magic show.

I need very little space, as i bring my own fold out table and apart from that kids just need space to sit (usually in groups on the floor).

I encourage adults to watch the show as a lot of the comedy ( what the kids say too) will give them a giggle.

The show itself completely entertains all the kids present which takes a lot of pressure off the organiser.

Generally after wizard woo has entertained its time for food and cakes so it makes for an easy enjoyable party for all. If you would like any more pointers please feel free to ring me for a chat on 0872532884.